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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got Questions? We've got Answers!

The Quester Health App exists to help make your life easier by connecting you to a doctor at the comfort of your home/office.
The app works by matching you to a doctor based on availability for starters. You could request to see a particular doctor on subsequent visits if you wish, which would also be guided by the doctor’s availability.
Each appointment is concluded only when all investigations and other recommendations are reviewed by the doctor. The client would not have to pay again when coming back for a follow-up/review in this regard.
Each new appointment booking is confirmed via a payment of GH₵99.99 This excludes laboratory investigations and medications that may be recommended during the appointment.
Your prescribed medications will be linked to a pharmacy near you using an outsourced service provider. You can pick up your meds or have them delivered to you at your convenience.